Alhamdulillah on the 3rd of December, my wife and I were invited by the Almighty to visit the 2 holy lands. It was indeed an experience of a lifetime. Plus, another way for us to celebrate our 7th anniversary. Special thanks you Raffles Holiday for the opportunity to lead the congregation for Umrah 2017.

Met lovely people there and many Singaporean Asatizahs like Ustaz Mustaqim from Madrasah Al-Irsyad, Ustaz Shaheedan from Noor Muhammad, Ustaz Nafis Rahman from Masjid Darussalam. 

It was a smooth sailing journey for us and the jemaah alhamdulillah. 

Sharing our experience in the 2 videos below.

I pray may Allah invite everyone a chance to visit the Haramain soon, insha Allah ameen. 

Remember to make du'a for one another,
Mr Ustaz Ho