Frequently Asked Question (FAQ) 

How do I register and make payment?
Log on to > Click on the course that you would like to sign up for > Select on the mode of payment via ATM / IBANKING Transfer or Credit Card / Paypal.  
> Fill in your particulars. Further instructions will be given from there onwards. 

How beginner is 'beginner' level for Basic Quran Literacy? 
Do note that our Basic Quran Literacy (BQL) course is for adults who have zero to little knowledge of Quranic letters and pronunciation. 
Rest assured, we welcome any individuals who are keen to start their Quranic journey to begin with BQL. 

Who are the trainers / asatizahs in Yameen? 
Currently, the Yameen team asatizah compromises of: 
Ustaz Adi Muhammad Ho
Ustazah Khairunnisa Rahmad Ho  
Ustazah Nuraizah Amin
Ustaz Abdull Halim Bin Ab Rashid

What age groups are the courses for? 
Our courses/talks/events are for adults otherwise stated. 

Does Yameen cater to younger audience/kids? 
Unfortunately, as of now, we do not. 

I am working of shifts, can I still register for courses at Yameen? 
If you are worried about missing lessons, fret not! Our trainer will recap the previous lesson at the start of the following lesson. 
However, we highly recommend you to check your schedules, should you be able to commit and maximise your time as much as possible with Yameen. 

I am currently having my menstruation. Can I still come for class?
Some scholars agree that women experiencing menses are allowed to seek Quranic knowledge with the intention of learning.
Hence, we highly encourage sisters who are having their periods to still attend classes here.  

Does Yameen provide home service? 
Although we do not provide home service, we have a list of external asatizahs who may cater to your learning needs. 
Do reach out to us should you need help to source out for Asatizahs. 

Does Yameen do one-to-one tutoring? 
Unfortunately, we only conduct classes in group settings of 15-20 people.