Contribute your Zakat (on Savings) with us

What is Zakat?

An obligation upon all Muslims when their savings have reached a minimum amount or Nisab value within a minimum period of time or Haul.


Step 1:
Find out the Nisab value on MUIS website or from Berita Harian / Berita Minggu daily.

Step 2: 
Check your bank statement and highlight on your savings balance for the past 1 Islamic Calendar year (*Haul). Zakat on Savings in only based on savings balance.
*1 Haul is approximately 355 days.

Step 3:
Identify the lowest balance in the year. 

Step 4:  
The lowest balance amount  X 2.5% 


The lowest amount in your bank statement throughout the 12 Islamic month calendar is $10,000.
$10,000 x 2.5% = $250.

$250 will be the Zakat amount paid