Yameen is a private organisation started in January 2010 by Ho Muhammad Adi and wife. Ho Muhammad Adi is a Chinese-Muslim Quran teacher who had developed a simplified Quranic learning system. Dedicating his work to benefit the muslim community in order to build confidence in reciting the Holy book from the basics to higher progression.

Ustaz Ho has been coaching Quran literacy since 2005 and over 900 students have benefited from this program. 

Our first centre was at Tampines for 11 months and after which moved to Guthrie Building for one and a half year (shared space). To accommodate the increasing number of students, Yameen has moved to a larger premises at 62 Changi Road. 


Yameen Quran Academy

The scope of programs by Yameen includes Quranic learning and understanding. Using a systematic and structured approach, we aim to provide a safe learning environment for beginners or those who have lost touch in learning the Quran. 

Yameen Quran Academy has 3 areas:

  • Quran Literacy

    • Learning to recite the Quran from elementary level up till Advance level.
  • Quran Discovery

    • Understanding wisdoms and gems that underlying beneath the holy verses and applying to our daily lives.
  • Quran Appreciation

    • A Bi-monthly talk discovering Social issues and relating them to the Quran.


We envision ourselves as a one-stop institution for your Quran learning needs. 



Our trainers are Certified Asatizah (certified by Asatizah Recognition Board) and have over 10 years of experience in Quran coaching. We aspire to conduct a creative and interactive discussion during lessons. We believe every student matters.


Special Programs

Besides Quranic courses, Yameen conducts spiritual activities and programmes:

  • Bi-Monthly Talk Events
  • Exclusive Seasonal Courses 
  • Humanitarian projects

Yameen aims to develop a spiritual growth from root below and spread Islam through Al-Quran.